Collection & Delivery Info

Pick Up

As you know we have recently worked out a way of delivering you your pallet furniture. However, this will not stop you from being allowed to come and pick up your hand crafted custom pallet furniture.
We will still be making you chairs ready for collection!

To find out where you will have to pick up your pallet furniture from. Email us through our Contact Us page, your thoughts and we can arrange a day for you to swing by and collect them!


As we have now worked out a reliable source for delivering our furniture, You should contact us for a quote so you know how much delivery should be and it will be added onto the final product price during check out. Alternatively you can go on a shipping bidding site and secure your own delivery method if you think you can transport it quicker or cheaper.

Local drop off can be maybe be arranged (York YO1-32), follow the contact us page or call us direct for more information.