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With your help I am being asked to make bespoke furniture that no one will have seen before, exciting times for us!
We are currently in the process of making new inviting designs that are seasonal.

Keep an eye out for new products popping up, alternatively don’t wait and let us know directly what you would want building and we will jump straight in and get creative with our new batch of reclaimed, recycled, eco friendly pallets and pallet wood.

Pallet Furniture Collage

Pallet Furniture Uses & Designs

I know there alot of ideas as to what pallet furniture actually could be, however I can just about see anything being made from pallet wood.
Obviously there are a few bog standard ideas and various methods for each, such as chairs and tables.

I would like to know of any bespoke items you would like to see being made.
Things such as a miniture shed for your recycling boxes, flower planters and wine racks.

Start a discussion below and let me know your ideas, or anything you would like making for you!

Wood pile waiting to be utilized

Wood pile waiting to be utilized

The Office… More like the backyard, is where I go about putting together your hand crafted chairs. Here you can see we often collect some good standard wood, that needs putting to use. What better a thing to build than some seats to bask in the summer sun.